Wednesday, February 20, 2019 6:36:29 PM

VIVA VIVA VIVA LAS VEGAS.. Well all I can say is there goes the neighborhood. Las Vegas now through progression and growth now going in outskirts and literally woods and mountains as this is the direction the city is headed. We are a small valley in whole compared to Phoenix and So Cal, but for the conservationist groups its bad news in the future as through payoffs and back door deals we will be building on mountain sides all over the place. So kids like the song goes "its only just begun" - Carpenters No one wants to live in Jean or Primm so all we have is outskirt living. So for those that want to invest.. buy in the boonies now buy hold 10 years and sell. Hold it, they will come.. Until next time.. Grazie Tutti a salute cinzano.




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