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New Year, New You: Successful Goal Setting January is a great time to evaluate and set new goals. Yet, how many times have you set a goal, only to lose traction and give up on it before you even start? Here are a few rules on successfully meeting your objectives.The journey matters: Rather than focusing on what you’re trying to achieve, try concentrating on why you’re trying to achieve it. See how the journey shapes you in the pursuit of victory. If you develop and grow as a person on your quest to achievement, you have succeeded.Be real: It’s easy to get ambitious when it comes to goals while underestimating what it takes to make them a reality. Be reasonable about the expectations you set for yourself and carry out your plan. The last thing you want is to get overwhelmed by lofty goals that are unattainable in the time you set out to accomplish them.Stay positive: Don’t make the mistake of focusing your energy on the negatives that could happen. People often associate their goals with things they fear will happen if they don’t get accomplished. Rework your frame of mind to ensure that fear isn’t guiding you, but that you’re facing it head on.Keep going: After you achieve your goal, don’t stop there —the sky’s the limit! Thank you to #ORHW for great information



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