[ Q. How is the Market doing, is it a great time to Buy Or Sell? ] A. Well it all depends on your position and your wants and needs. If you need to buy or need to sell, right now is a great time because it is a need, hence the importance to you. "Buying or Selling" is an economic decision and hence is determined based upon certain factors. Market indicators such as New Home Builds (as they are growing at a rapid rate because prices are increasing and demand has to be met with inventory), Multifamily Properties (like new apartment buildings in an area, which could show the effects of lack of inventory) and other indicators are watched and analyzed by experienced agents and your best solution is always to start with an experienced agent so you can think through the decision making process, whether you are buying or selling. Buying provides more return than renting so as more people look for those returns this drives pricing up as supply is always limited. Selling provides an opportunity for people to realize gain and since people are buying more now than before and since there is limited inventory, as houses hit the market, they tend to go quickly. **For more detailed specifics on this matter fill out the questionnaire and I will be in touch with you, to help see exactly what you can do to win in your situation.**

[ Q. Is there a risk in investing? ] A. There is always some degree of risk when investing, as fluctuations in the market can be impossible to anticipate. Property investments are available in the forms of low-risk all the way to extremely high-risk propositions. You will want Gianno Buonaguro as your real estate professional when making investments in order to mitigate your risk levels by providing guidance based on years of experience in this business and in these areas.

[ Q. How much money will I need to invest? ] A. The amount of funding you will need to invest will depend on what type of real estate investment you want to make and how long you intend to hold that property. In all cases you will want an investment property professional to help you research your options. Gianno Buonaguro is the person you need for the best possible and profitable scenario.

[ Q.What are the ways available to invest in property? ] A. Rental properties are one option. Buying and improving a property is another option. Another option is a real estate investment trust, or REIT, which is like a mutual fund composed of real estate companies. This is a way to invest in real estate without buying property for yourself. You can still benefit from a rise in the real estate market, but you remove the risk of being stuck with a devalued property.